STEP 3. Take the Initiative

Now that you’ve completed The Spiritual Health Self-Assessment and transferred your scores to the Spiritual Health Plan Score Sheet, you are ready to take the next step toward living a healthy and balanced Christian life.

Choose one Area for Development from the My Spiritual Health Plan (see Step 5: Track Your Progress) that you want to focus on with the assistance and accountability of a mentor. On the following pages you will find suggested steps for each area with a beginning step (crawl), an intermediate step (walk), and a more advanced step (run) for each of the questions found in The Spiritual Health Self-Assessment. Pick the step(s) you want to take for the area(s) you have chosen to work on. You will also find a resource page for each area with practical suggestions to take you further in your growth.

While you may need to challenge yourself to step up to the task, you also need to be realistic in your expectations; otherwise, you might become discouraged and give up.

CRAWL: Beginning Step

WALK: Intermediate Step

RUN: Advanced Step

So consider starting off with a crawl step, a target you can easily hit in the next thirty days. Then you can move on to a walk step, a tangible goal that will stretch you over the next sixty to ninety days. Finally, choose a run step, something that will require a leap of faith, but through the power of the Holy Spirit will bring you to a new level of spiritual maturity.



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