Current Staff Openings

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Communication and Ministry Development Director



Staff member:            OPEN

Functional Title:         Communication and Ministry Development Director

Organizational Title:  Communication Coordinator / Ministry Development Director

Reports to:                 Senior Pastor

Position status:          Administrative Staff / Full time / Salaried / Non-exempt




To facilitate timely and effective communication and coordinate the resourcing and development of ministry leaders who are implementing the church’s vision for knowing Christ and making him known


Gift Set


In addition to spiritual maturity, the gift sets important to the fulfillment of this role include service, encouragement, leadership, discernment, craftsmanship.


The “One Sentence Job Description”


The Communication and Ministry Development Director develops communication means and strategies for the entire congregation and assists the senior pastor in communicating vision to ministry leaders.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities


  • Provides oversight on the senior pastor’s behalf for all means and modes of communication, whether print or digital
  • Develops and implements best-practices for all communication streams
  • Evaluates all in-house communication pieces, whether print or digital, to ensure consistency, quality, and timeliness
  • Advocates for timely and effective communication between staff, lay leaders, and the congregation
  • Communicates with staff and lay leaders in each ministry area, as needed and on behalf of the senior pastor, in the practical outworking of the church’s overall vision for ministry
  • Assists the senior pastor in communicating with the staff, congregation, and members of the community
  • Assists the ministry staff and lay leaders in their development of strategies and agendas that support the vision of the church
  • Additional administrative and general responsibilities as directed by the supervisor and as necessary for the continued development of the ministry of Morningside Baptist Church. These responsibilities will most likely be added according to the gifts, passions, and talents of the employee, designed to address the growing and changing needs of the ministry/staff team and may be added at the initiative and discretion of the supervisor


Functions of All Morningside Baptist Church Administrative Staff Members


  • Participates in weekly staff meetings through prayer and discussion, and by offering amiable, constructive feedback as requested
  • Supports and encourages both paid and unpaid staff who serve in the office throughout the week
  • Responds in a timely and generous fashion to staff and non-staff queries and ministry needs
  • Assists in the day-to-day administrative operations of the church




  • Reports to the senior pastor
  • Coordinates with staff and lay leaders in matters relating to communication and ministry development
  • Interacts with individuals in the course of scheduling meetings with the senior pastor
  • Represents both the congregation and the senior pastor to the community
  • Initiates conversations with ministry leaders regarding vision and ministry development
  • Submits to the senior pastor and the council of elders of Morningside Baptist Church


Requirements and Preferences


  •        Significant training and experience in communications or similar field, with a bachelor’s degree being preferred
  •        Some prior ministry experience, whether paid or unpaid, strongly preferred
  •        Excellent people and organization skills
  •        Excellent skills in publication and web design and layout, some graphic design skills preferred
  •        Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  •        Ready familiarity with digital communication and social media platforms
  •        Willingness to consider membership to Morningside Baptist Church within 12 months of employment
  •        A growing, committed follower of Jesus Christ.