STEP 1. Spiritual Health Self-Assessment

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If you plan to travel from point A to point B, you need to know where point A is. The Spiritual Health Self-Assessment will give you a snapshot of your spiritual health and reveal areas that may be out of balance in your life. This will help you identify the purposes you would like to work on and those in which you are strong.

The Spiritual Health Self-Assessment measures your health at a particular point in time. It is not a tool to see how you measure up against other people; nor is it a tool to see how close you are to perfection. Rather, this is a tool that will help you evaluate your spiritual health and give you direction for developing a plan to bring God’s six purposes for your life into balance.

In the coming months, our church will be offering opportunities for you to focus on the purpose you’ve committed to improve. We’ll provide you with a Spiritual Health Planner to provide suggestions on the appropriate “next steps” on your journey. The guidance of a spiritual mentor, in addition to this resource, will help you stay the course by praying for you and holding you accountable. Don’t try to do this alone. Isolation can lead to procrastination. But a mentor can encourage you if you’re feeling discouraged and help you up if you fall down.

Each member is asked to complete this assessment. Thank you!


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