Pastor Search

Thank you for taking the time to visit our pastor search page. We, as a Pastor Search Committee, believe that this is a time

of great importance in our church’s history. We have been given the opportunity to seek God’s face and ask for

His wisdom in determining whom He has called to be the next senior pastor of Morningside Baptist Church (MBC). 

We believe that this should be a time of great excitement and enthusiasm for our church, and we know that we are in need of great spiritual discernment through this process. The Pastor Search Committee earnestly requests your involvement in the process of calling a new senior pastor

to Morningside Baptist Church by partnering with us in prayer for the committee, the man God is calling to MBC, and the church as a whole.

The Pastor Search Committee:

Mike Babb, Chairman

Debbie Ball, Survey Coordinator

Alecia Cravey, Corresponding Secretary

Wesley Lambertus, Communications Coordinator

Dewey McCabe, Vice Chairman

Suzi Miller, Social Coordinator

Jim Money, Prayer Coordinator

Sam Simmons, Recording Secretary

Mike Ussery, Packet Coordinator

Morningside Updates

June 18, 2018

Just a few weeks ago, the members of MBC confirmed the Elder’s appointment of a very important committee that will play an integral role in the history of our church. We are glad to report that God is preparing your Pastor Search Committee (PSC) to seek His choice for His church, and in His time. We have completed our training, elected and appointed officers, planning our meeting schedule and a day long working retreat, and are participating in a 31-day prayer guide.

God is preparing us with the understanding that human knowledge and judgment are inadequate for this task and that we must to listen to His wise counsel through the Holy Spirit. 

We are preparing a 40-day congregational prayer guide that we will provide to you in July. Until that time, we ask that as you pray for your PSC and its individual members, pray for patience, faithfulness, and strength, always trusting Him to hear us and sustain us as we follow His guiding hand.

The PSC has also set up an email account so that you will be able to contact the committee with suggestions, comments or resumes of potential candidates.  Send the information to


July 9, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),
Prior to meeting alone as a group for the first time, the PSC began laying the foundation for the search for the next senior pastor. The PSC acknowledged that for the foundation to be solid, it needed to be built upon The Cornerstone – Jesus Christ. For thirty-one days prior to meeting, the PSC read specific Scripture and prayed after meditating on each Scripture.

As a result, when we met, it was joyful and very productive. We now ask that every one of you join us in meditating on specific Scripture and to pray. The PSC has provided a 40 Day Pastor Search Prayer Guide, which offers forty days worth of selected verses from the Bible as well as prayer points. The more of us that join in with this commitment, the more solid the foundation will be in the search. Therefore, the PSC encourages you to not only read the verses but to mediate on them, and then to pray earnestly, diligently, and without ceasing. For those of you who were not here Sunday, please know that the Prayer Guides are available in the gathering room and on line at

The PSC believes the more we pray and read from God’s Word, the closer to God’s Will we will be, and the closer to unity under Christ we will be!

Wesley Lambertus, Communications Coordinator
and Your Pastor Search Committee



August 5, 2018

Pastor Search Survey

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) is excited to announce that a survey will be distributed – in printed form as well as online – to church members within the next few weeks. 

The survey seeks information from three categories:

  • Each Member Individually
  • The Church Collectively
  • What Each Member Looks for in the Next Pastor.

The purpose of the survey is for its findings to aid the PSC, as well as the new pastor, to know God’s will for Morningside and thereby make informed decisions. 

In the next few weeks, prior to taking the survey, please pray that we all seek God.  Pray also that we submit to Jesus’ sovereignty as head of the church.  As such, we will feel His presence as we each take the survey.  As Jimmy Blanton reminded us in his last sermon, God’s desire is to do marvelous things, but the key is we each need to call upon Him, 
and prayer is that engine.


August 16, 2018


The call of a new Senior Pastor of our church is a critical event in the life of this congregation.  It is a time of making a choice about our collective future.  This moment provides an important opportunity for all of us to share together in assessing who we are and where we see ourselves going.  It is important that everyone participate in this survey, church members as well as Bible Fellowship members.

This survey is designed to assist in this task.  It not only asks several sets of questions about our congregation’s current ministry and your own involvement, but also seeks your input on pastoral leadership and your vision for our future.


August 19, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),

On Sunday August 12, 2018, a few members of the committee met with our high school and middle school students.  

Around forty-five students showed up and answered eight questions the PSC asked as the committee gets ready to sift through the over two hundred resumes that have already been submitted.  The answers the students gave were quite inspiring, and it was clear they would have eagerly given more answers if time had allowed.  As it was, the hour passed swiftly, and the students gave such thought-provoking answers, the committee was excited to share them with the church.  

August 29, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),

On Sunday August 19, 2018, a few members of the committee met with our elementary school students.  It is easy to understand the answers given by our children and be reminded by Jesus’ love for them as he said “let the children come unto me.”  

September 6, 2018



The information received from the 148 surveys submitted will be a valuable tool in helping the committee find the man God has already identified by name and will be helpful to our new shepherd as he learns all about his new flock.


PSC Update: Our 40 Days of Prayer, Congregational Survey, Needs Profile, and interviews with the staff, children and students have all been completed. There were 273 candidates who submitted resumes for our Senior Pastor position. After all resumes were examined for the Required Credentials, 40% of the resumes were rejected; and the committee has begun their extensive review, discernment, and prayer of the remaining 165 qualified candidates as the PSC seeks to identify God’s man. This is expected to take several months.


We are confident of our Lord’s direction in these matters and covet your prayers as we proceed to do His will.


In His Love and Service, Pastor Search Committee

December 18, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),


As Christmas draws near, the PSC is eager to share an update.  The list of names for the next pastor has been whittled down from 273 to 6, and it is apparent that each of these 6 are God loving and eager to further God’s Kingdom.  The PSC has already listened to several sermons, and the PSC has also sent out a questionnaire seeking detailed information from each of these candidates.  As of yesterday, we have received the answers from all 6.  Over the next couple of weeks, as the PSC continues to listen to sermons and review the answers to the questionnaires, the PSC will pray and look toward God’s Will in discerning who the final 3 candidates will be.  Soon thereafter, the PSC will engage in interviews over Facebook Messenger with each of the final 3 candidates. As always, the PSC encourages each of you to pray that the PSC depend on God’s Word for guidance to ensure that we fix our eyes on Jesus.  As a result, God’s choice will soon be revealed.


Merry Christmas, The Pastor Search Committee

February 18, 2019

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),


After meeting 29 times since July 2018, the PSC has, with God’s guidance, sifted through 275 resumes, reviewed several sermons and questionnaires from 6 candidates, and interviewed 3 candidates face-to-face via the internet.  At this time, it is with great excitement that the PSC is announcing the search has been narrowed down to 2 finalists!


Within the next two weeks, the PSC will conduct a second face-to-face interview with each of the 2 finalists via the internet with questions that will aid the PSC in discerning God’s choice to pastor Morningside Baptist Church. 


Once the search is narrowed down to the 1 man that God is leading us, the process will then include diligent reference and other background checks, and the PSC will visit the church the candidate is currently serving.  To ensure that the PSC walk in step with God’s Will, and to guard against the enemy’s attempt to distract the PSC, we are requesting that each of you be in fervent prayer and to do so every day.


In His name,

The Pastor Search Committee



March 28,  2019

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee,

Praise be to God in the Highest! With great joy and excitement, the PSC announces that from the 273 candidates who applied for our Senior Pastor position, our Lord God in His Sovereignty has
left no doubt to the committee the one He has ordained to lead us into the future.

The background, credit, and education checks have all been completed, and the PSC is currently checking with his references.

This man, who spent his formative years in
Florida, is the son of a Baptist minister that served over 35 years in churches in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. Our finalist obtained his Bachelor’s
Degree from Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL; his Master’s Degree from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; his Doctorate from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,
Lousiville, KY.

His wife, with whom he is celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary this year, also graduated from the University of Kentucky and the Southern Seminary, and they met at the Seminary. She currently serves on their church staff in the Worship Ministry, co-leads the Women’s Minstry, and was coordinator of a Young Mom’s Ministry. She also homeschools their four children, ages 6-14.

To say we are excited is an understatement, for This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with the rest of our family at Morningside as we plan to bring him and his family here as soon as possible to meet and fellowship with everyone as well as invite him to preach for us. Following his preaching, the church will have the opportunity to call him to be the Senior Pastor of Morningside Baptist.

Stay tuned for more information! 

In the meantime, pray for this man, his family, and our church.

In His name, The Pastor Search Committee