Music Ministry

Welcome to the Music Ministry of Morningside. Worship at Morningside is more than music, more than a gathering, more than brief moments together in a service. Worship at Morningside is a lifestyle that is lived out in spirit and truth with every opportunity presented.

Worship is offering all that I know of me to all that I know of Him. It reveals the inner heart and the recognized value that we place upon God in our lives. Worship is more than just something we do. It is an attitude that we carry with us day by day, an attitude of genuine praise to God. It is fueled by corporate worship, the times we gather together.

Worship cannot be described; it must be experienced! At Morningside, we meet Sunday to celebrate the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We offer a variety of musical styles for attendees to worship our living Savior in our worship service. We believe that worship prepares our hearts to encounter Jesus and allows us to express our gratitude to God for His faithfulness. The Holy Word of God is taught with clarity and boldness. It is our goal to provide an excellent worship experience each weekend that prepares your heart to hear a word from God.

We play a wide array of music in our worship service ranging from modern worship, traditional hymns, songs you may hear on the radio, and songs we have composed.

Be Part of Our Worship Teams

In addition to being an active worship participant in the congregation, you can be a worship team member.

Here are a list of ways you can help lead others in worship:

  • Praise Team Member
  • Instrumentalist
  • Soloist/Vocalist
  • Audio/Visual Technician
  • Staging Design or Setup
  • Drama: Costumes
  • Drama: Actor/Actress
  • Drama: Set Builder

Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM