Morningside CARES

Morningside CARES aims to provide both perishable and nonperishable food items. We have already initiated a partnership with Feeding the Valley to acquire some food items in bulk. We will also collect nonperishable food items as donations. We will then pair these food items to prepare boxes that include a variety of foods apportioned for different households. Donated food will immediately be given out to families in need. Any unused items can and will be passed on to other ministries in Columbus (like the Columbus Baptist Association’s Food Pantry), so there is no need to house or store food on-site long term.

To register for food box assistance, click here.


Morningside CARES Participation


You can give financially to support this ministry or donate items, as the Lord leads. Be sure to check the list of specific nonperishable food and household items before making any purchases! 

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You may be able to serve on a Morningside CARES team. Teams will help collect, portion out, and then distribute the items we give to our neighbors.

Click here to let us know you are interested in serving, or email Carol Gallups to find out more.



We also need disinfectant, rubber gloves, and masks for team members. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy—those who are serving and those being served!

To find out more about the items for donation, please contact, Carol Gallups.