Video Update March 19, 2020


March 17 Video Update



Dear Morningside Family,

Today, the Muscogee County School District announced that schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16. The closure is scheduled to run for three weeks. In light of their decision and in accordance with the Elders’ decision to follow MCSD closings, I am canceling all large gatherings at the church building, including Sunday worship services, Bible Fellowship classes, music rehearsals, and other midweek activities. The Morningside Christian Preschool will also be closed starting this Monday.

During this time, the church office will remain open. Just the same, we invite you to contact the office by phone or email rather than stopping in, unless absolutely necessary. We are also asking that all weekday office volunteers and Morningside Preschool teachers remain at home for the duration of the closure. 

For now, our plan is to resume our normal schedule of activities on Palm Sunday, April 5. This could change depending on circumstances, but we will do our best to keep you updated. 

President Trump has called the nation to prayer tomorrow. I’m sure not everyone will answer his call. But, let us be clear on one thing: the only one who can put a stop to the corona virus and the viral panic that has swept our nation is the God who made heaven and earth. He stands sovereign over all things. He who watches over his people neither slumbers nor sleeps. And he has made us this promise regarding our prayers:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

We need healing! There are people who are sick and dying from the coronavirus. But, more than that, our nation is sick. 

So, let us commit together, as individuals and families who worship the Savior Jesus Christ, to call on him as one people. At precisely 10:30 am tomorrow, my family will kneel together in our home and pray for his mercy, protection, and healing—not just for us, but for the nation. I invite you to join us in your homes and on your knees. 

Let us call on the Lord Jesus Christ to put a stop to the virus and to the fear that has gripped so many. 

Let us ask him to bring the scoffers, who mock our prayers, to an awareness of their desperate need for him. 

Let us ask him to work mightily through those presently laboring toward treatments for the sick.

Let us ask him to protect the countless healthcare providers selflessly caring for others. 

Let us ask him for wisdom and discernment for government officials at the federal, state, and municipal levels. 

Let us ask him to stand guard over the most vulnerable populations, especially the elderly and immunocompromised. 

And let us ask our gracious Lord to be glorified as he answers our prayers. May the world see that it is not by power nor might, but by his Spirit who alone can save and help and heal!

May his face shine upon all of you,  

Pastor Jonathan

2020 Summer Missions

How can you be a part of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

Pray. Ask God to prepare the hearts of those who will hear the gospel proclaimed. Ask God to use the work of those who will go.

Give. Whether you have much or little, your support is vital to the work of missions.

Go. Our God equips everyone he calls. Don't sit back. Step up, and go!

Find out more about 2020 Summer Missions at Morningside.

February 21, 2020

To God be the glory!

Sometimes we need help to remember that our worship belongs to God. I know I'm always encouraged to give my worship offering to God when I see others doing the same.

So, I'm very excited that this Sunday our new Morningside Choir will be assisting Chris and the rest of the worship team!

Join me in thanking God for all of them! Ask the Lord to bless them as they lead us in worship. And then, let's all stand and sing together as we magnify our merciful Savior!

To God alone be the glory!


This Sunday, 4 PM, Fellowship Hall

It's not enough to know Christ. We must also make him known!

This Sunday afternoon, find out how you can team up to carry the gospel to others. All students and adults interested in gospel missions are invited. Whether you plan to go, want to know more, or would like to know how to support others who will be going, this meeting is for you.

Missions matters at Morningside because people matter to God. Join me Sunday and let's get to work!

The Deep End

This Wednesday, 6:30, Fellowship Hall

Starting this Wednesday, join me in The Deep End for a new series I'm calling "Jesus the Artist." 

With the stories he tells, Jesus paints sometimes beautiful, sometimes shocking images. What is the love of the Father like? How should we care for others? What can we expect when Jesus returns? Look and listen as Jesus the Artist paints these pictures and tells these stories.

Let's dive in The Deep End together. With God's help we will come up changed!

February 6, 2020

Exciting news!

Last Sunday, I told you that I'll be announcing some exciting news in the service this week. 

The Lord has been doing wonderful things behind the scenes. He's provided us with an opportunity that I certainly didn't see coming. But I'm very happy to be able to share this news with you on Sunday.

Be sure to come this Sunday for worship, fellowship, and to hear from the Lord. At the end of the service, I'll share more about what God has been up to!

Pastor Search Update

More great news! After receiving dozens of resumes for our open associate pastor position, we have narrowed the field down to several excellent candidates. 

The Elders, Personnel Committee and I have agreed on how we want to move forward from here. Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing materials and conducting interviews. Throughout this process, we are praying and asking the Lord to guide us. 

Would you mark it on your daily to-do list to lift us up in prayer? Ask the Lord to bless the process and to reveal his will to all those involved. Thank you!

Worship & MUsic WOrkshop

This Sunday, 4:00 p.m., Worship Center

It's here! This Sunday you're welcome to join Chris Trammel and me for our first-ever Music & Worship Workshop. This invitation is for two groups:

  • All those presently serving in the Worship Ministry
  • Anyone else who is ready to commit to starting up a choir.

As you know, I am hopeful that we will be able to start a choir at Morningside. Whether we can make this happen will depend on who among us is willing to make the commitment. 

See you Sunday evening!

The Me God Sees

A New Message Series on the Sermon on the Mount

Most people don't think of Jesus as being very scary. But, what if I told you that Jesus wants to teach us to see ourselves as God sees us? What if Jesus not only reveals you as you are? What if he then calls you to be different?

For eight weeks I dare you to look into the mirror with me. Jesus wants to show us who we are... and then transform us.

Don't look away! When he's done, you might look very different. 

January 14, 2020

The Deep End

Wednesday nights, 6:30 PM, beginning Jan. 22, Fellowship Hall

Time for a soul check! Ask yourself: How hungry am I for daily bread from God?

One of the key signs of a healthy soul is our hunger for good spiritual food. The Bible, prayer, and Christian fellowship all offer vital spiritual nutrients to help fuel your life in Christ!

Starting Wed., Jan. 22, I begin a new mid-week study series called The Deep End that I believe God will use to fill us up and satisfy our hunger for him. Join me each week as we tear off a chunk of bread together and let him feed our souls!

Dive in to God's word...

Come up changed!

pray for search process!

The search is on for our NextGen and Family Ministries Pastor!

Since before Christmas, we have been receiving a steady stream of applicants for this position. We really only need one though! God knows exactly who he has in mind!

I greatly appreciate knowing that you are praying every day for God to move. We need him to direct us. We need him to reveal his will. As long as you're praying with me, I am confident he will do so!

Thank you! And stay tuned for further updates.

church conference

Wed., 6:00 PM, Fellowship Hall

Every quarter we gather to celebrate God's work, to hear from ministry leaders, and to look ahead to where God is taking us. At this conference we will also welcome twelve new people into church membership!

Everyone is welcome to attend our quarterly Church Conferences. Morningside members will have a chance to affirm decisions and new directions as well. 

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening in the Fellowship Hall!

Welcome to Jonah-uary 2020!

Talk about a fish story! Catching a fish so big no one will believe you is one thing. Being caught by a fish is something else!

But Jonah's tale is about something much bigger than the fish. The story of Jonah tells our story, too. Just like Jonah, we all run from God. Like Jonah, we all need God to get our attention and set us on the right path. And like Jonah, when we surrender to God, we see him accomplish amazing things!

Join me each week in January for a new message from the GULP series. Start your 2020 with God at the helm of your life!