2020 Leadership Team

We praise God for the many individuals who faithfully serve as leaders at Morningside Baptist! There is so much God-honoring ministry going on behind the scenes. Without them, 

This Sunday, we will decide together on a slate of four deacon candidates. Morningside’s bylaws stipulate that we vote on the entire list, rather than on individual candidates. 

Read below and get to know each of the candidates!


Rick Beatty

Over the last 10 years, Rick and his wife Tracey have been faithfully serving here at Morningside. Rick has worked with the Children and Student Ministries and has ventured out with others on missions opportunities both locally and abroad.

Jim Buntin

Jim and Nancy are long-time members of Morningside, and have served together at our church since their marriage almost 49 years ago! He previously served as deacon chair during several terms as a member of the deacon body and served previously as elder. Jim has enjoyed serving on everything from Children's to Senior Adult Ministries.

Kenny Harper

Kenny joined Morningside Baptist with his wife, Julie, and two children eight years ago. Over that time, Kenny has served in a myriad of roles from Children's Ministry to teaching Adult Small Groups. He enjoys being with and learning the Bible with both his biological and church families.

Bruce Hutchens

Bruce and Angela have been at Morningside for 16 years and married for 22 years.  Their daughter, Hannah, and son, Matthew, have both been active members of the Student Ministry at Morningside. Bruce is part of the teaching rotation for the adult couples Bible Classes and has previously served as a deacon. Bruce was born and raised in Columbus and currently serves as an Elder and on the Personnel Committee. 

Butch Wheeler

Butch and Georgie Wheeler joined Morningside Baptist Church in March 1987. Since that time, he has served as an elder, deacon, deacon chair, coordinator for Men's Ministry, and several roles in respective stewardship campaigns. They have launched and/or facilitated several adult small group classes and currently lead an adult Bible Class. Butch has been reaffirmed as the Vice Chair of Elders for 2020.


Mike Allmond

Over the last 25 years, Mike with his Gracie have served Morningside faithfully and in a myriad of roles. They have co-taught the 4th and 5th grade Bible Class for over 20 years. Mike helped launch our Greeting team in 2019 and enjoys working with the Building and Grounds Committee. He is has previously been the deacon chair.

Larry Coger

Larry and Becky have been involved at Morningside since 2016, and became members in June of this year. Larry is an experienced Bible teacher, having taught for over 45 years. He currently teaches in a Sunday morning Bible class along with Mike Babb and Dewey McCabe. Larry and Becky love to serve together, and are excited to be a part of Morningside. 

Brandon Cryar

Brandon, his wife, Stevie, and their 6 year old daughter, Reese, have been at Morningside since 2016.  Brandon and Stevie are active in Small Groups throughout the week. The not only participate in Bible Classes on Sunday Morning, but they host the young married couples every Sunday evening at the their home. Brandon is currently serving his second year as a deacon and is on the Men’s Ministry committee. 

Chris Deal

Chris grew up as a part of the Morningside family. He became a member by baptism during his childhood.  He and Linda have been married for 38 years, and have served together here at Morningside since 1991.  Chris enjoys serving as a deacon and especially working with the Building and Grounds committee. He and Linda enjoy volunteering with the Children's Ministry and on the Greeting Team.

Scott Drew

Scott and Debbie have been at Morningside since 2008 and are members of Whosoever Bible class. Scott faithfully served at the Steam Mill Outreach Ministry. Since that time, Scott has served as a deacon and in various roles with the Greeting Team and the Children's Ministry. Scott and his wife enjoy serving monthly communion and visiting with our home bound church members.   

Richie Grantham

Richie and his wife Fran have been members at Morningside since 2013. Richie serves on the Building and Grounds Team, Greeting Team and has recently joined the Finance Committee. He and Fran enjoy being members of the Whosoever Bible Class on Sunday mornings.

Keith Heard

Keith and Stephanie Heard have been members of Morningside Baptist since 2014. They currently serve in the Children’s Ministry and on the Greeting Team. On Sunday mornings, they enjoy being members of the Whosoever Bible Class.

Jason Jay

Jason has been a member of Morningside since 2008.  In addition to serving as a Deacon, he also serves as a Bible Class teacher, Sunday morning greeter, Children’s Ministry worker, and Recruitment Committee member. Jason and his wife, Ashley, have one daughter, Lauren, who is four years old.

Greg Lang

Greg and Janet have attended Morningside Baptist Church since 2005. Their two sons Ryan and Matthew were involved in the Student Ministry here at Morningside while growing up. Greg serves as a deacon and is an active member of the Whosoever Bible Class.

Phil Martin

Phil joined Morningside Baptist in 1997. He's married to Amy and is the father of Grant and Connor. Because of his passion to teach God's Word, Phil has served as a Bible teacher, Elder, Deacon, Bible Fellowship Department Director and currently serves as Morningside's Small Group Director.

Dewey McCabe III

Dewey and Karen have been members at Morningside since 2017 when they moved to Columbus to be closer to family. Their son, Dewey IV, attends Morningside with his family. Dewey teaches in a rotation with Larry Coger and Mike Babb in a Sunday morning Bible class. Dewey plans to retire at the end of this year, and looks forward to devoting more of his time to serving others in love.

Theo McGee

Theo and Kate have been a members of Morningside Baptist Church for over 4 years. Theo assists with communion preparations every month, and works with the Children's Ministry. They love being able to attend services with their four daughters, Bronwen, Eleanor, Evelyn and Colleen.

Paul Miller

Paul and Suzi Miller been faithfully attending Morningside Baptist Church since 2003 and have welcomed their three daughters, Mikayla, Annabelle and Taylor, during that time. They are actively involved in the Children's Ministry. Paul and Suzi are members of a Bible Class and enjoy being a part of our Welcome Team.

Sam Simmons (Deacon Chair)

For over 21 years, Sam and Jill have diligently served here at Morningside. Their daughter, Lily, also attends Morningside. Sam loves to serve others in the church and outside as well. He has led Bible studies in the school system and volunteered in the community. Sam helps prepare communion each month, and has served several terms as a Morningside deacon in the past.

Darryl Walsh

Darryl and Lisa have been faithful members at Morningside since 2003. Their son, Zach, attends Morningside with his wife and also serves as Morningside’s interim Student Ministries Coordinator. Darryl has served in the Children’s Ministry and also with Morningside’s students. He has served several terms as a deacon at Morningside.

Charlie Webster

In 2013, Charlie, his wife Jennifer, and their three children, Kayla, Kade, and Brynley, joined the Morningside family. Over the last seven years, Charlie has served anywhere the church has asked. This has been with the children, the students, or the adults. He and Jennifer have enjoyed being members of one of our Bible Classes led by Jason Jay and Dewey McCabe IV.