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Fall Festival- 2018


Fall Festival 2018– Image 1 of 22


MEN'S MINISTRY- Adventure Day 2018

Adventure Day– Image 1 of 4


VBS- Time Lab, Summer 2018


VBS 2018– Image 1 of 12


High School Mission Trip to Boston, Summer 2018

HS Mission Trip to Boston.2018

Men's Ministry: Breakfast with Lee McBride



Men's Ministry: Breakfast- Lee McBride– Image 1 of 4


Men's Ministry: Father Daughter Dinner


Men's Ministry: Father Daughter Dinner– Image 1 of 5


Fall Festival Pictures


Fall Festival Pictures– Image 1 of 16


CBA Mission Samaria North: North Georgia Mission Trip to Elijay

Columbus Baptist Association North Georgia Mission Trip– Image 1 of 16


Grand Opening of the Children's Ministry Center

Grand Opening of Children's Ministry Center– Image 1 of 16


Widow's Ministry: Queen for A Day

Queen for a Day Widow's Ministry May Lunch– Image 1 of 16





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