2020 Summer Missions

For many people, when they picture Summer Missions, they envision the people working with far off indigenous populations, sleeping in mud huts, or sharing the Gospel in private for fear of the government. However, God blesses each of us with different callings in the mission field, and here at Morningside, we want to help each of you be able to reach that calling.

In 2020, we are calling this Pray.Give.Go. Each one of these words is an action verb and a way for you to participate in missions this Summer!


The beginning of all great Christian movements sees an increase in prayer. When we pray, God answers. As we begin preparing for our Summer Mission trips, there are three things each of us should be taking to God:

1) Should I be going? For some, God makes this answer very simple, but for others, it will take a little more time to find out where God is calling them to be this Summer. Before you take your yes to going off the table, truly ask God to provide this opportunity for you. Instead of thinking about how you cannot, think about how God can provide. Then, pray from the posture of God providing a way instead of praying in belief of defeat.

2) Open Minds and Open Hearts. Begin the process of praying for the conversations and acts of service that are coming. God is going to change eternities this Summer, but we need to have our hearts and minds open to what it is that he would have us to say and do. This can only happen by seeing people have open minds to the Holy Spirit and open hearts to the love that needs to be shared.

3) The Native Peoples. The people in Kentucky may be hearing the Gospel for the first time. If we desire to talk to people about God, we must first pray to God about those people. Our teams will be heading out and sharing the love with all people. Pray that the hearts of those hearing the Gospel begin softening to be receptive to the Holy Spirit and the change that only comes through him.


Most people will assume that giving is only for those with financial flexibility. However, we understand that God has given people more than just money. If you have the ability to give a service and ask others to donate on your behalf it blesses the mission. Maybe you can mow someone's lawn, cut someone's hair, or auction off a pie, no matter what you can give, God will bless your efforts and the Gospel will be spread to all the people of the world.

If you cannot offer a service and would like to be able to give financially, we invite you to do that through our giving link.


We have an extraordinary opportunity for people to go this summer! 

Our team heading to Hazard, Kentucky is partnered with the Columbus Baptist Association and will be a part of a large team of churches going to help spread the love of Christ in the mountains of Kentucky. Carter and Alyssa Barrow are coordinating the trip for us and are working with a partner church in Hazard to make plans on how to be effective witnesses for the Gospel.