Core Values and Vision

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The Children’s Ministry, much like any other organization, is defined by our core values.
Our core values are our DNA. It not only defines us but it sets the culture and provides guidelines on how we function. Here at Morningside, our core values are simple.

  1. Safety

We are dedicated to offering the safest  and most secure environment possible.  We want you to be able to engage in worship without worrying about the wellbeing of your child. 

  1. Respect

We teach our children to respect God and His Word.  It is our desire to raise up a generation of young people that know God’s word, live God’s word and share God’s word.  We believe it all starts with Respect for His Word.

  1. Love

We teach our children to love all people.  God’s word is clear that we are to love others as ourselves (Mark 12:31). 

  1. Creativity

We strive to do everything in our ability to make the Bible come alive to young children.  We know kids learn better when they are having fun.  We want to make the Bible fun for kids.

  1. Passion

We desire to instill a passion to see lost people saved in our young people.  We are commanded to “go therefore and make disciples”.  Matthew 28:19  That is why we take every opportunity to create a passion for the lost in our kids. 

  1. Excellence

We strive to do everything with excellence, as if we were doing it unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)


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