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What a glorious day Easter Sunday was!

It was so good to see families, old friends, and new friends all worshipping together. 
We had over 600 people in worship! That is incredible. I am so thankful to all of you who attended our worship service at Morningside last week. Clint and his crew did a phenomenal job on our Egg Hunt, and a great time was had by parents and children alike! Most importantly, the Gospel was preached. The reason we exist as a church is to live the Gospel and share the Gospel, and you all did a great job of that this past Easter Sunday.  Finally, I want to encourage you all to continue inviting others to come with you to church each week. There were a number of visitors here on Easter, and the majority were here because you invited them. That’s right, they came because YOU INVITED THEM!  So keep it up.  Keep investing in your neighbors, your office mates, your classmates, your friends. Keep inviting others to your Bible Fellowship class and worship. You can continue to have an impact on others.  Go be the hands and feet of Christ to your sphere of influence today!
-Brandon Johns



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