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What a difference! An update from Grand Opening-February

Remember the movie, Family Man? If you missed it, the main character got a glimpse of what life would have been like had he made alternate choices in life.

Life means choices, and that goes for life in the Kingdom of God. God leads His people to make choices, and the right choice involves faith.

Faith is what we chose a few months ago, and now you are beginning to see the fruit of that choice. Now you are starting to get a glimpse of what life is like with this great tool/gift that God has given.

You and I possess the greatest tool for outreach in the City of Columbus. The Children’s Ministry Center gives us the chance to reach out to young families.

Many families are beginning to find their way to Morningside and into the Kingdom of God as a result. The father of one family member remarked, as he entered the front door of the Children’s Ministry Center, “I just can’t get over the wow of this place.”

This place has made a big difference in the life of this church in the short five months of operation. If you missed the glimpse last Sunday, then glance at the information below. I believe you will see what a difference faith makes.

Since the Children’s Ministry Center has opened:

  • Weekday Preschool has expanded and enrollment has increased 23%
  • Kidz Worship average attendance has increased 54%
  • Children’s ministry has gained 140 NEW volunteers
  • Nine children have accepted Christ and have been baptized
  • Fifty-nine individuals have joined Bible Fellowship (BF)
  • Twenty-eight children have joined Bible Fellowship
  • Preschool & Children’s BF average attendance is up 24%
  • Preschool BF average attendance has increased 11%
  • Children’s BF average attendance has increased 37%
  • Preteen BF average attendance has increased 54%
  • January 2015’s Bible Fellowship (All Ages) average attendance is the highest in 53 months
  • Five NEW Bible Fellowship classes have been started with room to start 10 more immediately!

Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM