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The Epic Motorcycle Ride

The epic ride, the one Chairman of Deacons, Mike Allmond and I started on May 15, ended in the Bay Area on May 18 when a fungus appeared in Mike’s left eye. Doctors at San Francisco clinic – the best eye doctors in the world, by the way – say he could have gotten the fungus anywhere (his eye wasn’t impacted by bug, rock, stick, dust, bird, etc) and the conditions behind his contact lens made it just right for the affliction to grow.

The pest is responding to medicine concocted at a lab in San Jose – yes, we know the way – but the healing process will take time. So please pray for Mike’s sight, that the blight will disappear and his vision will be restored. He can see out of it currently but it’s blurry and he won’t know the extent of residual affect until the bane gets gone.

Mike and Bike


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