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Reaching UP, Reaching OUT

Praiseing Hands

Season of Prayer

Let’s PRAY Together

  1. Thank Jesus for what He has already done and for what He is about to do.
  2. Pray for our Church to Reach Up to God for wisdom for the members of Morningside Baptist Church.
  3. Pray for our Church to Reach Out to others in our homes, workplaces, recreational venues and wherever life may take us to grow His Kingdom.
  4. Pray for unity throughout the membership of our Church.
  5. Pray that God’s will is revealed in whatever venue the Lord takes us:
    Pray for the future Senior Pastor and his family
    Pray for the future Worship Leader and his family
  6. Pray for our current ministerial staff and for continued success in their roles:
    Brandon Johns, Assistant Pastor, Students and his family
    Clint Strickland, Assistant Pastor, Families with Children and his family
  7. Pray for our two interim Pastors and for their unifying Spirit:
    Jimmy Blanton, Interim Pastor and his family
    Ricky Smith, Interim Worship Leader and his family

Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM