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2 Chronicles 7:14 is a vivid picture of prayer. In this passage, we see not only the results of prayer, but the attitude in which we should approach the throne of God. As a church, let’s make a new year’s resolution to spend more time in prayer than in any other year of our lives. If we believe God’s Word is true, then prayer is our first and only line of action in making sure we are in step with God’s will. I’m so thankful for Br. Jimmy and the message God delivered through him last Sunday. When we pray the presence of God is perceived, the power of God is received, and the purposes of God will be achieved. So today, let’s not just say we are going to pray more, let’s plan to do so. Find a prayer partner in your Bible Fellowship class with whom you can pray. Commit to pray through Scripture daily. Pray for God to bring the right man to our interim pastor role. Pray for the waters of the baptismal pool to be running each week. Pray that members across our church would carry the banner of Christ to the mission field He has placed you in each workday.  Pray that God would lead each of us to personal holiness. Church family, let’s make this the best year yet, but let’s not leave it to chance. Pray about it!



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