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Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),

As Christmas draws near, the PSC is eager to share an update.  The list of names for the next pastor has been whittled down from 273 to 6, and it is apparent that each of these 6 are God loving and eager to further God’s Kingdom.  The PSC has already listened to several sermons, and the PSC has also sent out a questionnaire seeking detailed information from each of these candidates.  As of yesterday, we have received the answers from all 6.  Over the next couple of weeks, as the PSC continues to listen to sermons and review the answers to the questionnaires, the PSC will pray and look toward God’s Will in discerning who the final 3 candidates will be.  Soon thereafter, the PSC will engage in interviews over Facebook Messenger with each of the final 3 candidates. As always, the PSC encourages each of you to pray that the PSC depend on God’s Word for guidance to ensure that we fix our eyes on Jesus.  As a result, God’s choice will soon be revealed.

Merry Christmas, The Pastor Search Committee


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