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This past week has been one of the most incredible weeks in my tenure here at Morningside.  We saw 300 pastors and staff from 4 states and 2 countries (yes, you read that right, we had a participant from Toronto, Canada with us) spend time in over 30 breakout classes and hear 8 nationally known pastors and speakers all focused on church revitalization.  Then we had the huge privilege to hear Pastor Larry Wynn share a message of God's plan for Morningside with us on Wednesday night. Now today, we celebrate and honor our graduating seniors from all over the Chattahoochee Valley. It really has been a fun week!

So what do these 3 seemingly uncommon things have in common?  It's a small word with a big impact - NEW.  God is doing a new thing in the lives of these graduates and I am excited to see where He leads them.  God is going to do new things in the lives of the pastors and churches that were represented at the Renovate Conference.  And God is going to do something new in the life of Morningside as a church and the lives of our church family. Let's keep praying for Him to move in our midst and show us something new!



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