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Morningside Christian Preschool Update

Morningside’s Weekday Christian Preschool is doing extremely well. Enrollment is up, and we are seeing many families from the school visiting the church on Sunday’ and Wednesdays. Gwen Pigg is doing a fantastic job as she finishes out her second year as director of the program. She has made some significant changes that have enabled the program to attract more students. Along with an extra hour, Mrs. Pigg has added Spanish class, music and dance class, as well as chapel. These few changes have opened our program up to more families searching for a preschool program for their children. We currently have space available for the rest of the 2012 school year. If interested, please contact the church office.


If you have been thinking about enrolling in the preschool program, we would like to provide you with some information about the program. We have a display set up in the Gathering Room with preschool booklets. Please take one for yourself or give one to someone you know who may be interested. We appreciate all your support.


Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM