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August 19, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),


On Sunday August 12, 2018, a few members of the committee met with our high school and middle school students.  Around forty-five students showed up and answered eight questions the PSC asked as the committee gets ready to sift through the over two hundred resumes that have already been submitted.  The answers the students gave were quite inspiring, and it was clear they would have eagerly given more answers if time had allowed.  As it was, the hour passed swiftly, and the students gave such thought-provoking answers, the committee was excited to share them with the church.  Below are the answers the students gave to the questions the committee asked.  As you read the answers, please continue to pray without ceasing for the committee, for our students, and for Morningside as we all seek God in the PSC’s effort to find the next pastor.



Q1: What qualities do you want in a pastor?


  • Entertaining
  • Relatableto sermon and singing. Want something youth and the older generation can connect to together. Youth feel disconnected with topics.
  • Tell us the passages and why we're reading them; what point in the lesson is he trying to get us to understand. Otherwise there is no understanding why we're reading these passages.
  • Youth want a pastor who listens to us and understands the questions we ask. Someone invested in the youth outside of the sanctuary.  
  • Involvement in all areas/ministries and with all ages: children, youth, adults, choir, drama, etc.
  • A pastor who has learned through personal experiences in his life. His personal trials and tribulations.
  • Don't sugar coatthe message. Tell the truth like it is.
  • Don't make sudden/major changes right away
  • Meet and greet BEFORE being selected as our pastor. Get to know leaders and volunteers of the church.
  • A pastor who makes me feel welcome and will listen.
  • Preach sermons that have a life application.



Q2: Why do people come to our church?  


  • Word of mouth - positive feedback.
  • New people feel welcomed.
  • Community, friendship, church family.
  • Place where people come to get connected.
  • You can tell the staff and teachers truly love God and love the members of MBC.
  • Special events draw them here.
  • People feel the Holy Spirit working within them.


Q3: Why do you come to Morningside Baptist Church?


  • To learn with my friends about the knowledge of God.
  • Feel accepted. Friends make me feel welcomed and loved. No judgements from peers.
  • My family's been coming here all my life. Some are 3rd generation families.
  • Parents encourage you.
  • So I won't fall into temptation.
  • Personal family life isn't so great. But I feel MBC is my true family.
  • The church is not just a community, it is a family.


Q4:  What are some of the best things at Morningside Baptist Church?


  • We love our current ministers, Clint and Brandon.
  • BF teachers are actively engaging and engage youth to participate in lessons. VBS volunteers, ministers, etc. genuinely care and teach from the Word.
  • Fun social activities that are planned for us.
  • Mission trips.
  • Long term family members.
  • MBC helps those in need get back on their feet.
  • Worship and music – both in the sanctuary an on Wednesday nights in the Student Center.
  • It is fun.
  • Youth Ministry.



Q5 & Q6: What are some things to improve on at our church and what would you like to see our church do that we are not currently doing?


  • Desperately want adult and youth choir and drama.
  • Desperately want to bring back Fan Day and other big events at the church - not off campus. (i.e. Fall festivals, Easter egg hunts, ice cream socials, etc.).
  • Selfish church - need to be more outwardly focused. It's not about me; it's not always going to go your way, your preferences. Be less selfish. Unity with all. No clicks.
  • More local missions (i.e. feed the homeless) like Take the City missions and events. Spreading the gospel.
  • Advertise the church more. Go tell others about MBC.
  • Youth and adults don't know one another. Need ways to bring them together more often...get to know one another.


Q7:  Are you praying for the Pastor Search Process?

  • Some of the youth are praying for our church and PSC.


Q8:  Do you like the current worship style at Morningside Baptist Church?


  • Loved the music style when Ricky was interim worship pastor. Ricky was energetic, engaging, and the choice of music was relatable to me.
  • Currently like the service okay with Ricky and Chris. The music program needs to incorporate a bigger variety of songs. It feels like the same songs every week. 
  • Like the mix of blended music. 50/50 hymn and contemporary styles.
  • Need more enthusiasm while singing.
  • Expand the band. Add youth and kids on stage. Variety!
  • Ricky’s sermon style is more relatable. He incorporates stories into the sermon like Phil Martin. Ricky makes eye contact sometimes and I feel he's speaking to me.



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