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August 29, 2018

Greetings from the Pastor Search Committee (PSC),

On Sunday August 19, 2018, a few members of the committee met with our elementary school students.  It is easy to read the answers given by our children and be reminded by Jesus’ love for them as he said “let the children come unto me.”  Below are the answers they gave to the questions they were asked regarding the search for the next pastor.

What kind of pastor do you want for church?

  • One that makes you feel comfortable to be around
  • One who is kind and helps me to learn about God
  • One who has accepted Jesus into his heart and has a relationship with Him
  • One who preaches the Truth from God’s word-no false preaching
  • One who knows who I am and is my friend and will play with me
  • One who will pray for you even though he doesn’t tell you he is praying for you
  • One who speaks the truth about God
  • One who is funny, knows a lot about the Bible, prays a lot, and is close to God

Why do people come to our church?

  • To learn about God
  • They love Jesus
  • To learn the truth
  • For a personal relationship
  • To learn stories
  • To have friends who care for you spiritually
  • To hear sermons

Why do you come to our church?

  • Because I love Jesus and want to learn more about Him
  • So that I can go to Heaven
  • To get baptized
  • To play with my friends and have fun
  • We have fun teachers
  • To know people who are going to be in Heaven with you
  • To respect God and to worship Him

What are some of the best things about our church?

  • It’s fun
  • Playing with friends
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Packet given on Wednesday night
  • Indoor playground
  • Fun staff on Wednesday nights
  • Miss Anne is a good teacher on Wednesday nights
  • Kid’s Worship
  • Our church is big
  • Our church has security and keeps us safe
  • Clint is funny and a great story teller
  • Clint is the best teacher
  • Good teachers
  • I like the songs in big church and kid’s church
  • I like to get picked to help with the offering
  • The people
  • Music and worship

Questions they said we should ask the new pastor:

  • His experience at pastoring (how many years)
  • At how many churches has he preached?
  • Does he have children?
  • Does he like children?
  • Do they like to play foosball?
  • Ask him to give 5 reasons why he wants to be a preacher at our church

Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM