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Decision Sunday

What is Decision Sunday about? I thought we, as a church, decided this matter already?

Already, the church, officially, has decided about:

A) The Master Plan (adopted in conference 3/11/11),

B) Phase 1 “to include a new preschool/children’s building along with a renovation of building D” (affirmed in
    conference 3/11/11),

C) An 8-step recommendation of the Finance Committee that included:

    1) Hiring the stewardship consulting firm Generis,

    2) Launching a stewardship effort (ran during the spring of 2012)

    3) Reaching two 25% “triggers” that involved a combined total of:

            a. pledges toward the Family Matters stewardship effort

            b. money already spent in the process

            c. cash accumulated (accepted in conference 10/9/11 with “triggers” met and exceeded by Challenge
                Sunday, 5/5/13)

So, with that as a foundation, the church stands ready to make its final decision concerning the start of the project.

Please remain in prayer concerning Decision Sunday, August 25.


Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM