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The last Morningside pictorial church directory was published in 2002. A few things have changed since then, like hair styles, clothing styles…not to mention, we're all 13 years older, but who's counting! Our church family has changed as well and a pictorial directory serves as our church family photo album. It helps tell the story of our church and becomes an important historical document.

By scheduling your photography session for the pictorial directory, you're capturing memories for a lifetime. This professional portrait becomes a valued family keepsake. The directory also becomes a great way to put names with faces of other church members. The back of the pictorial directory includes a listing of contact information of church members that makes it easy to connect by phone or email.

We need every individual and family to schedule a photography session to make our family album complete! We’ve made it easy for you to sign-up and schedule your photography sessions for the last two weeks of February by:
o Following this link on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer;
o Computers are set-up in the Gathering Room and Fellowship Center Lobby where volunteers are ready to assist you; or,
o By calling the church office
o Photography sessions will take place in the Fellowship Center

• Each family will receive a complimentary 8X10 portrait and church pictorial directory for participating
• PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits without obligation.

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