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During Wednesday night's Church Conference, the following recommendations were approved:

Jimmy Blanton has accepted the calling to serve as Interim Pastor and will serve in the Pulpit for the next few months. He will also provide spiritual leadership for the normal activities of the Church as needed. During this time, Jimmy will retain his full time role as Director of the Columbus Baptist Association.

Ricky Smith has accepted the calling to serve as Interim Worship Leader and will serve in the role of leading our Sunday morning worship services for the next few months. During this time, Ricky will continue his full time position with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, where he guides and counsels Youth Pastors throughout Georgia.

They both will begin their respective roles February 1.

Starting TODAY 4 the Church will observe a single worship service with the following schedule:

         9:00 am Bible Fellowship Groups

        10:30 am Worship Service

Please welcome these two additions to our ordained staff as we joyfully rebuild our foundation for future success in growing the kingdom.


Join us Sunday at 

10:30 AM