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A Swift, Significant Five Years

Five years translates as 60 months, 260 weeks or 1,825 days. Any way you interpret it, time flies by swiftly and significantly.


The Francis Schaeffer Institute says that "50% of ministers, starting out, will not last 5 years." Maybe they mean, starting out as a minister - fresh out of preacher-boy school - or maybe they mean starting out with a local church. Either way, that makes for a significant five years.

Think about the last five years. Remember the last 260 sermons? My daughter looks like a young woman now. I now wear eye glasses permanently. That kind of stuff happens swiftly.


I am confident that the next five years will pass just as rapidly as the last five so before they get by let me thank you for your expressions of kindness. Thank you for giving me a chance to serve since 2008. Thank you for your support and confidence for the past 60 months. Thank you for allowing me to be your pastor for 260 weeks. Let's do this celebration thing again 1,825 days from now.


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