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Reaching UP, Reaching OUT

Praiseing Hands

Season of Prayer Let's PRAY Together EVERY DAY FOR 40 DAYS: FEBRUARY 4-MARCH 15 Thank Jesus for what He has already done and for what He is about to do. Pray for our Church to Reach Up to God for wisdom for the members of Morningside Baptist Church. Pray for our Church to Reach Out to others in our homes, workplaces, recreational venues and wherever life may take us ...

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One Service.ROTATOR.2018

CHURCH CONFERENCE UPDATES: During Wednesday night's Church Conference, the following recommendations were approved: Jimmy Blanton has accepted the calling to serve as Interim Pastor and will serve in the Pulpit for the next few months. He will also provide spiritual leadership for the normal activities of the Church as needed. During this time, Jimmy will retain his full...

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Eph 5-21

In Ephesians 5, God, through the apostle Paul, lays out how the marriage relationship works best. If we were to sum it up in one word, it would be selfless. Husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the Church. Wives should love and honor their husbands. But God didn't move Paul to write this just to help us in our marriage; no, he wrote it so that we would better u...

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Trust God Graphic

I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it was for Abraham and Sarah to trust God. He has told them that they would have a son, but every circumstance in their lives were telling them differently. They were too old. They had no children already. It couldn't be done. But the impossible became possible when in Genesis 21, we read about the birth of Isaac. God is faithful...

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2 Chronicles 7:14 is a vivid picture of prayer. In this passage, we see not only the results of prayer, but the attitude in which we should approach the throne of God. As a church, let's make a new year's resolution to spend more time in prayer than in any other year of our lives. If we believe God's Word is true, then prayer is our first and only line of action in making ...

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Power Source.LOGO

Power Source is about prayer. It is about the power of prayer at specific times Time of Worship: Power Source is about what happens in the prayer parlor and the sanctuary every time the church gathers to worship. What happens in worship - with the atmosphere, movement of the Holy Spirit and decision-time at the end, depends largely on your prayers. Prayer: Your prayer ma...

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MBC Lottie Moon Post Office

THE LOTTIE MOON POST OFFICE Don't forget to go to the Lottie Moon Post Office, in the Gathering Room, to deliver and receive Christmas cards from other church members between now and Christmas Eve. A basket is located next to it for members to donate what they would have normally paid in postage for Christmas cards to be delivered via the US Postal Service. This money is ...

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Introducing the Prayer Wall…

A new opportunity for prayer is available for you with the advent of the Prayer Wall. Here's the way it works: As you enter the front entrance of the parlor, on the left, you will see a new space designated for prayer requests. The Parlor has long been a place where groups or individuals have come to pray. Our Pastor will be there, praying, on Thursdays, about mid-day. S...

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Thank you to everyone that volunteered for our VIP week of September 3-10; we are so grateful for your willingness to support this mission. As it turns out, the VIP Director has notified us that we will not be hosting in September, after all; our next dates are November 26 to December 3. Thank you again for your support of this important ministry....

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The Chapel

When my family and I vacation on the Georgia coast we almost always worship at Saint Simon's Lovely Lane Chapel. We look forward to the quiet reflection that The Chapel offers. Morningside Offers The Chapel Your Sunday morning can begin with quiet reflection at The Chapel starting next month. The Chapel at Morningside launches on September 10 here in the sanctuary from 8...

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