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Increasing Our Faith

God makes his presence known to the world on a daily basis. With faith, we can recognize the miracles and other acts of divine providence as soon as they happen. To increase our faith, all we have to do is read the Bible and pray. The more we do those two things, the more our faith increases. As a result, we will increase our thanksgivings and praises to He who constantly ...

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By calling ourselves Christians, we are saying we are "like Christ." If we take a hard look at ourselves, can we with confidence say we are like Jesus? That would mean: loving the Lord our God with ALL our heart, soul and mind; loving our neighbors as ourselves - including those the world expects us to despise; ministering to "social outcasts" like the tax-collectors, lepe...

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Praying for Revival

One of the best things about revival is there will be a genuine response by people to serve God's Will and to further His Kingdom. This means we need to start praying today for God to stir our hearts. Let us pray that God will put a mirror before us and show us what we need to do to be more like Christ, who is the perfect example of one submitting to the Will of the Father...

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Loving Our Neighbors

Exciting opportunities are around the corner! We have the leadership in place that is helping us to show our love for our neighbors - not only for those within our church, but also for those not currently in our church. Our leaders have put in place a plan to help us to outreach, to take care of, and to minister to all of our neighbors. These things will further God's King...

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Founding Fathers

With the Fourth of July around the corner, the question can be asked, "Do our leaders today compare with our Founding Fathers?" If the answer is no, it may be because of what we are teaching our children today - or, precisely, what we are not teaching them. Our Founding Fathers believed "religion, morality, and knowledge [were] necessary to good government and the happine...

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A Prayer for Faith

Oh Father in Heaven, Thank you for everything you do for us; thank you for your Word and the examples you give us in your Word. It is my prayer that we remember those examples, especially those who acted on faith, and apply them in our lives today. I pray that your will be done. I pray that our will and our desire align with yours. I pray that if the new building is inde...

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Elders Corner

On Easter Sunday, Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, His triumph over death, and, as a result, our salvation. What better way to celebrate these things than by sharing the good news with the lost - by finding ways to further God's Kingdom? Let each of us find ways to do just that - it can be something as simple as helping one in need, or it can be...

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