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New Study on Daniel & Revelation

What in the world is going on in the country and the world? How did we get in the shape we're in and where is it all going? Who really thinks we can spend our way out of debt and why does the word feel so unsettled right now? If you have asked those type questions in the past few weeks and months then Daniel and Revelation are for you. The course looks at current events ...

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Heavenly Manna Cookbook Update

The Bus Gang Bible Fellowship Class thanks you for your support of our ongoing mission project to raise funds for Packs of Grace. Sales of our Morningside cookbook as of January 1, 2013, are $10,845. The books are paid for and our profit now stands at $7,000! There are two typos in recipes that need correcting: p.52, Greens Pot Pie, third ingredient should be 3 T. of flou...

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