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By calling ourselves Christians, we are saying we are "like Christ." If we take a hard look at ourselves, can we with confidence say we are like Jesus? That would mean: loving the Lord our God with ALL our heart, soul and mind; loving our neighbors as ourselves - including those the world expects us to despise; ministering to "social outcasts" like the tax-collectors, lepe...

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A September to Remember

This month brought a number of good things to Morningside. The good things came in various shapes and sizes. Sizes A number of you took advantage of the fall revival. You packed the Student Building - a.k.a Crash House - Sunday afternoon, for Authentic, and returned the rest of the week - Mon, Tue, Wed - for worship. Worship attendance grew at a rate of 22% (to date). Th...

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Feed the Pumpkin

In preparation for the Fall Ball at the Mall, Feed the Pumpkin is back! We're collecting individually wrapped candy for the Fall Ball at the Mall, and your donations are very appreciated. Look for the large pumpkin in the Gathering Room. He'll be out there happily accepting candy donations!...

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I can still taste the country ham my grandmother served us for breakfast when we would visit her on her farm in Kentucky. The ham had a distinct salty flavor that gave it that savory taste. But my grandmother also shared with me that the purpose of the salt was not only to make the meat tasty but it was also the preservative that kept the ham from going bad. How simple, ye...

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Upcoming Revival

ELDERS CORNER Eleven years ago we were attacked by people who had the intention of destroying the American way of life. The shock and unbelief I had that morning still remains in my mind. I know how my parents and grandparents must have felt on the morning of December 7, 1941. On the evening of September 11, 2001, Cathy and I, along with many others went to church and pra...

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Lost Pets and Redemption

Have you ever lost a pet? Have you ever had the experience of finding that pet again? I observed this experience recently and drew some spiritual lessons from it. As some of you know, Jackson (my youngest son) is an Apprentice Falconer. In December, he captured a wild red-tailed hawk. He trained him, named him Gabriel, and he grew very close to the hawk. In June, Jackson w...

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