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An athlete is coached to avoid getting too excited or too down during the contest. They are to remain as calm as possible and rely on their training. In the message Sunday Peter told Jesus he would lay down his life for Him. Jesus answered, "Will you really lay down your life for me? I tell you the truth, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times!" There is ...

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It's time to build the church! Not with bricks and mortar, but through power and obedience to the Word! Over the course of the next four months, we will work to transform the church by developing and strengthening the infrastructure to fulfill the purpose of the church. By reaching, teaching, and ministering, the church will implement proven, time-tested principles that wi...

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Help Fight Hunger!

Help us win $1 million to fight hunger in Columbus, Georgia! Through April 30, 2012, Walmart is launching a Fighting Hunger Together Facebook campaign encouraging the public to help them select one community to receive $1 million and 20 runner-up communities to receive $50,000 to fight hunger. The funds will be distributed among several organizations in the most supported ...

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Elder's Corner - Reflecting Light

From my early years as a child I have always favored daylight over darkness. Whatever the source of my nighttime fears, they vanished with the dawning of a new day. I remember staying with my grandmother on her farm during summer-breaks from school and running around with my uncle as he managed his farm operations. During the days, life was all good. However, when the sun ...

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Thad's Now on Twitter!

Thad has stepped into the world of Twitter! Follow him now @TThadSmith ...

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Hope Now

Easter brings hope. The day, season and story signal better days ahead. better days Imagine how despairing and dark the disciples felt on the day of the crucifixion. Arrest, trial, flogging, mocking, betrayal, denial, death and burial created the perfect storm of chaos and confusion, doubt, worry, fear, apprehension and darkness: a literal and figurative darkness that gre...

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Elders Corner

On Easter Sunday, Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, His triumph over death, and, as a result, our salvation. What better way to celebrate these things than by sharing the good news with the lost - by finding ways to further God's Kingdom? Let each of us find ways to do just that - it can be something as simple as helping one in need, or it can be...

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