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Increasing Our Faith

God makes his presence known to the world on a daily basis. With faith, we can recognize the miracles and other acts of divine providence as soon as they happen. To increase our faith, all we have to do is read the Bible and pray. The more we do those two things, the more our faith increases. As a result, we will increase our thanksgivings and praises to He who constantly ...

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Loving Our Neighbors

The Bible tells us to love your neighbor as yourself. However, I imagine many of us have neighbors we wish would leave town never to return. This can prove to be difficult when someone rubs us the wrong way, but as Christians, that is exactly what Jesus wants us to do. It's easy to love our spouse, our children and our friends, but what about everyone else? Luke 10:25-28 s...

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Tales from a Struggling Marriage

"Tales from a Struggling Marriage" - That ought to grab your attention! You didn't know that I had a struggling marriage? Well, my earthly marriage is NOT struggling. I am talking about the struggle to be a good Bride (as a part of the church) in the marriage to the Groom (Christ Jesus) as portrayed in Ephesians 5: 22-33. You see, we as believers are to be faithful and pur...

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Praying for Rachael

We are planning a special prayer time during worship for Rachael Stevens this Sunday, October 14, 2012. You'll want to mark your calendar accordingly. Rachael and family will be present with us at the 8:30 worship hour. Prayer time will be the first item of worship that morning since they must travel to Egleston Hospital (Atlanta, GA) for surgery prep immediately followin...

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In preparing for our Bible Fellowship class two weeks ago I thought the lesson writer used one of the best examples of human nature I have read in awhile. Please allow me to summarize again. He was saying that a couple had gone abroad and adopted a child from conditions that were unfathomable. The child had no hope of any normalcy or future. Later on in life after rescuing...

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In I Peter 3:15, Peter wrote to his primarily Gentile audience instructing them to set Christ aside as holy in their hearts. The Gentile believers were being persecuted, and these sufferings and trials were the result of these believers living faithfully in a pagan and hostile world. Peter went on to instruct and challenge these Gentile believers to be ready to share their...

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